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          Let’s drive with SAFE environment

        • SAFE is an independent body created by SIAM to make society aware about road safety, clean environment and safe vehicles etc.

        • SIAM to make society aware about road safety, clean environment and safe vehicles etc.

        • ociety aware about road safety, clean environment and safe vehicles etc.

        In order to achieve advancement of Inspection & Certification (I&C) of vehicles and increased safety on roads, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has incorporated an independent body Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE)...



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              • Sep 26, 2023, Guwahati, Assam

                SAFE Annual Convention 2023 SAFE Roads, SAFE India: Strategies for Ensuring Safer Transportation

                As the nation continues to experience robust economic growth, there is a concurrent increase in disposable incomes. This shift is leading to a growing demand for secure and cost-effective mobility solutions. While advancements have been made in...


              • Sep 30, 2022, Bhubaneshwar

                SAFE Annual Convention 2022 - (Safe Journey): Prioritizing Road Safety Imperatives of 5 Es

                As part of SIAM Sustainable Mobility Advocacy Concoction FY 2022-23, “ (Safe Journey) initiative has been approved to highlight contributions made by Indian auto industry in providing safer, affordable and environmentally benign inclusive mobility to all. In order to prioritise road safety imperatives of 5Es namely environment, engineering,


              • Sep 17, 2021, Virtual Platform

                SAFE Annual Convention 2021 || Environment & Road Safety: Enforcement & Compliance

                At the onset we place our warm greetings and wish for your well being! It is a well-recognized fact that safer mobility is an imperative for social well-being, health and sustainable development across the globe. With the objective of societal benefits, protection of environment and bringing safety on roads, multi sectoral interventions involving all key stakeholders of our society is essential to achieve the goals of safer mobility. In this regard, Society for Automotive Fitness and Environment (SAFE) has been engaging all stakeholders and organizing its Annual Convention with the objective of disseminating information about the best practices adopted nationally and internationally for improvement of road safety and cleaner environment. The core objective of SAFE aims to combine Five ‘E’s’ – Environment, Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Emergency services to make an overall impact on safer driving habits, road discipline, safer vehicles and roads for reducing casualties and save precious lives.


              • Monsoon Special Care Tips

                Mental preparedness: ? Enjoy Monsoon* ? Expect all unexpected* ? Cool mind is going to help you* ? Expect Traffic jams, Diversions, Potholes, Water logging* ? Anticipation level should be very high* ? Keep buffer in time management* ? Keep hard cash also- ATM may not be working*